How to take care of your toupee or wig?

Why do the hair fall out of the toupee?

It might be caused by brushing too hard or too often, over-styling, or using too-harsh of a shampoo and conditioner. Low quality toupee or wigs also tend to lose hair.
When it comes to wigs, you often get what you pay for.

How do it store it?

You can put it in the bag it came in, or you can put it on a wig stand.

How do i untangle the hair of my toupee(wig)?

It's frizzy and looks like a mess

You can gently untangle the hair with your hands, and use a conditioner afterwards if needed.

What can i use to dry my toupee(wig), if I don’t

have a head or wig stand?

You can use an appropriately-sized round object like a balloon for example which is tall enough to prevent it from touching the surface underneath.
Be sure the wig fits snugly around it to prevent it from stretching or sagging.

What is the best shampoo to wash a toupee(wig)?

Toupees(Wigs) should only be washed with special shampoo made just for toupees(wigs). Regular shampoo can damage the hair.

Can i use spray on my toupee(wig)?


but not too much. As it will make it clunky and hard to clean later. It  also can ruin your wig after a while.

Why do the ends of my toupee(wig) get frizzy?

It's mostly likely because of constant use or brushing too aggressively. 
Wig or toupee are fragile, you need to be really careful when handling them.

Do I cut a wig differently from regular hair?


but be careful, since the hair doesn't grow back.

Can I use a curling iron on my toupee(wig)?

It depends on the type of toupee(wig). 
When you purchase your wig, you should be able to check if the wig is heat resistant. 
If so, you should be able to use a curling iron on it without issue. 

If you're not sure whether your toupee(wig) is heat-resistant or not, it's better to avoid the curling iron and purchase a new toupee(wig) that can withstand the heat.