How long do tape in extensions last

Tape in hair extensions are the new trend 2021

If you haven't used them yet you will probably have a few questions. The most common questions are: can you explain what they are? And how long do hair extensions last?

• What are the tape in hair extensions?

Tape in extensions is the newest and most fashionable development in the field of hair extensions.  Warning: tape extensions can cause serious envy to the hair.  The way they will be attached to your natural hair is important for a silky result. Wonderful Multhair tape in extensions are excellent quality injected on an invisible micro skin to give a natural look, comfortable and light to wear.
Hair Material: Cuticle Rémy, Premium Rémy and Regular Human Hair.

• Can I still get the tape in extensions in the length I want?

Yes! Tape in Extensions are still available in a wide variety of lengths to suit whatever your preference or mood is. 
We have them available in:

· Hair Length: 18”-24”

· Colors: regular colors include #1, #1B, #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, #22, #24, #27, #30, #33, #99J, #60, #613, Platinum. Meanwhile, various fancy colors, piano colors, mixed colors, ombre colors and balayage colors are available.

· Hair style: Straight and various curls available

· Tape Size: 2-2.5 cm(can be customized)

· Tape weight: 2-2.5 g

· The weft appearance looks like natural hair growing from scalp.

• How long will they last?

- This depends on application and maintenance. They are stuck to your natural hair using the adhesive material on the tape strips at the root of your extensions. If you want your tape in extensions to go on straight and last longer I would recommend getting them to put in by a professional. On average tape in extensions last about 2-4 months.

- Like all hair extensions, if you want your hair extensions to last longer, maintenance is essential.

• Things to Avoid

Do not try to brush your extensions tape when they are wet. 
 This is when the adhesive is weakest, so you are more likely to ruin your extensions. 

-  Always put your hand on the roots of the extensions while painting with the other hand.

-  Shampooing is one of the unknown problems with tape extensions. 
 If you apply it using a rotating motion, it can ruin them. Start at your roots and work your way down.

• Avoid all sulfate shampoo

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