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At Wonderful Multhair in London

we’re here with a goal of making you lookand feel great about yourself. We specialise in providing wigs and replacement hairpieces for men and women who have experienced hair loss due to medical reasons. As well as this, we also offer a wider range of hair accessories including closures, tape and tip extensions, wefts, hair tails and eyelashes in Virgin Rémy natural hair.

For over years, we’ve been working with leading brands to produce the best quality wigs, hairpieces and hair accessories, renowned for their comfort, durability and style. Get in touch with us to find out more,
or visit our online store  to see what we have to offer.
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V/Nail Tip Extensions Fan tip is similar to many traditional fusion hair extensions

• Description

- Length: 22" (55cm)
- Color: #1(Jet Black), #1B(Natural Black), #2, #4, #7, #8, #16, #22, #24, #60(Scandinavian Blonde).
- Quality: 100% highest quality virgin hair.
- Type: V-Tip extensions.
- Glue Type: Flat Shape Italian Glue(Highest Quality Keratin).
- Directional direction of the cuticle: All the cuticle goes towards the same direction. Tangle-free. The amazing artificial keratin or glue-in hair extensions are super soft. And blends into your natural hair for a beautifully enhanced look.
- Weight: 1g per strand
- Pack size: 50grams per pack (50 strands).
- Hair Curl: Smooth
- For the whole head, you can use 100g (2 packs of 50g).
- Shelf life: 2-4 months
• Can be cut curly dyed Smooth Washed.

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Super Thin System 0.02mm Medium-light density, comfortable and very natural looking
  • Product code: Super Thin Skin System 0.02mm

  • Order type: Stock toupee

  • Base construction: 0.02mm thin skin all over v-looped

  • Base size: 8”x10”, canbe cut into any size

  • Front contour shape: CC

  • Hair type: Indian human hair

  • Hair length: 6”

  • Hair density: Medium light

  • Hair curl: Natural Straight

  • Hair colors: #1, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40, #1B50, #1B60, #1B80, #2, #210, #220, #230, #240, #250, #260, #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, #4, #410, #420, #430, #440, #450, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22

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Hollywood Hair System Unit The base design is silk top also called injected lace in the middle, 1” clear PU
  • Product code: Hollywood Hair System Unit

  • Order type: Stock toupee

  • Base construction: French lace with 0.12mm-0.14mm poly perimeter and French lace front

  • Base size: 7*8 1/2″

  • Front contour shape: CC

  • Hair type: Indian hair

  • Hair length: 5-6”

  • Hair density: Medium light

  • Hair curl: 30mm

  • Hair colors: #1

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Injected Hair Crown The base material is transparent super thin skin all over. The skin is very light and invisible

Rémy virgin hair unbeatable quality

As Wonderful Multhair in London

we're proud of the quality of every one of our products. Everything we produce goes through rigorous quality control checks during and after the manufacturing process to ensure their durability, comfort and perfectly natural look.


Hollywood Hair Integration System This men’s Integration hair system is super natural and very suitable for brush back hairstyle
  • Product code: Hollywood Hair Integration System

  • Order type: Stock toupee

  • Base construction:French lace with clear pu all around and 1/2″ lace front

  • Base size: 6″x8″, 6″x9″, 7″x9″, 8″x10″

  • Front contour shape: A

  • Hair type: 100% Indian human hair

  • Hair length: 5-6”

  • Hair density:Medium light

  • Hair curl: 30mm

  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #18, #22

Men´s toupee repair

Our team of experts can also offer repair

services for wigs and hairpieces. With careful handywork and great precision, we can repair broken bases, lace fronts, tangled hairpieces and much more. You can simply post your hairpiece to us, we'll

repair it, and send it straight back!

What can we do on repair integration hair systems?

- Fill up hair at bald area 

- Fix broken base area, like broken PU or broken lace, mono net 

- Replace lace front 

- Process tangled hairpieces 

- Add hair gram

- Custom request

Wonderful Multhair

Best Hair Replacement

With the help of Wonderful Multhair in London

We’ll firstly assess the extent of your hair loss and your needs, and advise you on the best solution. We can then begin to look at styles, and we can manufacture a replica of your chosen look.
Our custom-made products take between 2-4 weeks of the order date to be completed, and we can post it out to you, worldwide.
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to discuss with us this service further, and take a look at the range of styles we've previously produced in our gallery.

*All our services and products are provided only to hairdressing, hair professional, hair shop, hair clinic or hair institute


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